Nathaniel Bassey LIVE in Ghana for August Worship 2014

nat basseyNathaniel Bassey (the “Imela” hit maker) is set to refresh souls with his melodious “someone’s at the door”, “is your name in the book of life”, “wa emimimo” and “Imela” songs at August Worship this year. He’ll be joined by some of Ghana’s own Uncle Ato and Akesse Brempong at the conference centre stage on 24th August this year for another awesome time in God’s presence at “August Worship”.

August Worship is a unique worship experience held annually by the Jeshurun Okyere Global Outreach and has been one of the few Christian worship programs held in the country which is genuinely focused on God’s presence and power. Jeshurun Okyere is a young man who is well noted by gospel lovers as a minister who performs all genre of gospel music backed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

August Worship Since its inception in 2011, has consistently championed its focus of drawing people closer to God in these past years.  In essence, this year’s worship program promises a better platform to walk souls onto their maker and revive backslidden souls onto their first love.

Last year’s “Addicted to Christ” (A2C) campaign received massive attendance and testimonies as this campaign was launched against drugs, masturbation and homosexual attitudes. It served as an effort to draw youth and believers out of such addictions posing as a challenge to their Christian faith.

Extracted from Hebrews 13 vs. 8, August Worship 2014 is themed “O’JESUS”, angled on His Fame, His Presence, and His Glory! Amongst the many singers, Jeshurun Okyere and the love Creed will join heavens host of angels in singing praise and worship to God.

As part of the preparations towards this year’s event, Jeshurun has released his hit single for the year, “Jesus Focus worship medley”.

This makes it worthy and appropriate that, August Worship has been nominated for the “Event of the year” in the 2014 Africa Gospel Music Awards.

With his three hit singles, “Nea ate te”, Only You and Jesus focus medley, Jeshurun hopes to share a worship experience of a lifetime with the nation at AICC.

Essentially, August Worship is free! Free but not cheap. The RATE is a GENIUNE HEART OF WORSHIP! Invite all.

By: Julius Ofori Boadu (JOB)
Twitter: CwesiOfori

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TAKE THAT: Deitrick Haddon “punches” fans back – after post to Kanye West

Post by Dhaddy on Instagram

Post by Dhaddy on Instagram

I must confess, with the few months I’ve showed up on TV, sometimes it’s just annoying when people try to dictate what they think you can do and what you cannot, just because you’re in the ‘limelight’. I’ve had people who never cared what I even looked like, now try to tell me what to wear, where to eat and even what to eat at times…LOL

Anyway, enough of me already and to why you’re actually here..

Ok, so one of ma all-time favourite multiple award winning American gospel musician, Pastor Deitrick Vaughn Haddon posted (something I call a friendly post) on his Instagram page congratulating Kanye West for “being a responsible man and doing the right thing”  and then bamm!  Some fans started – as my pal Omarri Kissi would say – reading the book of Judges to him.

However if you’ve followed Dhaddy on social media for some time as I have, you’ll realize he doesn’t hesitate to “punch back” at some comments when they don’t go down well with him. This was just one of such times


His post read:

“Shout out to @kanyewest for being a responsible man & doing the right thing. It’s never too late to get it right! I pray the best for their union! 🙏”


With over 2,100likes and going through the 49 comments then, these ones caught ma attention (with replies from Deitrick):

1. Comment by @jeremaria331:

“How come his reason can’t be because they’re in love and not just because they have a child together? Congrats for being responsible?”

#Reply from D:

“@jeremaria331 How come I can’t say what I want to say on my caption & you express what you want on yours???”


1. Comment by @jeremaria331

1. Comment by @jeremaria331     

Dhaddy's reply to @jeremaria331:

Dhaddy’s reply to @jeremaria331:















2. Comment by @erdoo_ierkpen

“In addition to what @jeremaria331 n @allthingsjoce said, how can u shout out to som1 huz sooo in the world?!? Is da a good look? (dunno jus asking) i feel like it means uz aliging wiv him ( neway jus ma opinion)”

#Reply from D:

@erdoo_ierkpen It’s obvious that I don’t have respect of person! I give credit to the saved & unsaved if they’re trying to do the right thing. I’m not in your club.. I follow Jesus and Jesus loved everybody for who they were and where they were. Never be so quick to put people out because God has a way of pulling them in!!


Now the one which just killed it for me and made me laugh all dawn (what i call a #PunchLine) was this one:

3. Comment by @ohyoudidntknow2:

“I say this with love. I was going to start following you because I like your music, until I seen this. How could you shout out a man that continually blasphemes Jesus? No matter what he has chosen to do, If it’s not right in God’s eyes it’s not right at all! What are you promoting here? His music is nothing of God. @dhaddy”

#Reply from D:

@ohyoudidntknow2 You don’t have to follow me…. Follow Jesus!

2. Comment by @erdoo_ierkpen &  3. Comment by @ohyoudidntknow2:

2. Comment by @erdoo_ierkpen &
3. Comment by @ohyoudidntknow2:  

Dhaddy's reply to  @erdoo_ierkpen & @ohyoudidntknow2

Dhaddy’s reply to @erdoo_ierkpen & @ohyoudidntknow2

 Oh boi! don’t i just love Dhaddy, dude’s so real mehhn! 😀 😀 :D…. LOL

From where I come from, they will easily tag this as being “arrogant/rude” but I call it being REAL!

You can’t be faking to fans just cos you’re popular. This is what I believe; that no matter who you are and where you stand, you got to always be yourself and and keep it real cos those who will love you, will love you for who you are and NOT who you purport to be.

Anyway, so my main concern is not the fact that D was able to “punch back” but the fact that this scenario is actually a trend in the Christendom today. Christians, (normally those in the limelight) are expected to have nothing to do with their Non-Christian counterparts, more especially in the music industry. Don’t befriend them, don’t share jokes with them, don’t be seen together with them, don’t feature them on your tracks and now don’t even congratulate them publicly. WOW now that’s quite a list of “Don’ts” if you ask me

But if indeed such is the “Christian” way, then I think Jesus might have made a mistake saying:

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” (Mark 16:15)

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,” (Matthew 28:19)

cos these “Non-Christians” are only in the world and you might as well ask yourself how you can ‘disciple‘ someone you dissociate yourself from?

I know by now some might be opening  their  bibles to 2nd Corinthians 6:14:

“Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?”

well I got news for you at 1st Corinthians 9:20-23

“To the Jews I became like a Jew, to win the Jews. To those under the law I became like one under the law (though I myself am not under the law), so as to win those under the law. 21 To those not having the law I became like one not having the law (though I am not free from God’s law but am under Christ’s law), so as to win those not having the law. 22 To the weak I became weak, to win the weak. I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some. 23 I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings.…..”

Bottom Line: I’m not saying Christians should do/be same as Non-Christians but I’m saying Christians and Non-Christians  shouldn’t be enemies.

So the next time you think of “reading the book of judges” to someone on an issue like this, begin to consider your clothes, shoes and even the beautiful Brazilian hair you got on… were they made by Christians too?

By: Julius Ofori Boadu (JOB)
Twitter: CwesiOfori


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[EVENT Updates]: Night With The Priest – Royal Priesthood

royal priesthoodRoyal Priesthood and Holypop Music are set to host their maiden Gospel Rap encounter titled “Night With The Priest”.

The Concert comes off at 4pm on the 9th of February 2014 at the St. Luke Methodist Church Hall. The theme for the concert is “And Their Eyes Opened” (Luke24:30-31).

According to the team, the purpose of this concert is to minister the Gospel of Jesus to the youth in the way they understand, that is through contemporary Gospel music as well as create the atmosphere for soul winning and also refocus the talent of young adults to serve God.

Other artists that are set to appear at the event include Eva Walker, Esaias, Counter Attack, Worship In Motion and Royal Priesthood.

Tickets are going for a cool GH¢2.00 and you can call 0272880440, 0245246220 for your tickets or grab your’s at the venue o the event day.

EXTRA’s Corner:

From Nkrumah Circle, pick a car heading to Russia and alight at the “Total bus stop”. Take the junction on your right. Count four junctions on your right. The church is opposite the fourth junction.

By: Julius Ofori Boadu (JOB)
Twitter: CwesiOfori

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[NEWS Updates]: “I never visited the hospital” – Kwaku Gyasi finally speaks

Kwaku-GyasiSocial media and online news sites went viral on Saturday afternoon with reports that gospel artiste Kwaku Gyasi of ‘Onyame Aseda’ fame was involved in a bloody car accident on the Nkwakwa road.

Even though his car was damaged, the Kumasi based singer survived unhurt.

Kwaku Gyasi has confirmed that he indeed had an accident over the weekend but currently, he is in a good condition.

Speaking on Ashh FM Entertainment Zone last Sunday, he said, he was with four other colleagues on their way from Kumasi to a funeral at New Abirem in the Eastern Region and just as they were approaching Nkawkaw, he lost control of the steering wheel and had his Hyundai 4×4 wheel drive bent into the bush and somersaulted leaving it mangled.

When asked what could have caused the accident, Kwaku told Nana Amoako (host of the E-Zone show) that he was very tired but decided not to fail the Bereaved family at New Abirem.

Even though his car is partially damaged the gospel musician confirmed to the host and listeners that he and the other four passengers are in covered state of health.

He disclosed that after the incident, they took a different vehicle and continued their journey to the funeral adding that, there were no serious injuries so they never visited a hospital for medical treatment.

Kwaku Gyasi however, disclosed that he is working hard on his new album which will soon hit the market.

He said, he is done with all the recording and hoping that it will sustain in the market the whole year.

Culled from: Peacefmonline

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E-rock TimelineNew Year’s day; comes to us with a greater level of sweetness and a Powerful package from one of Ghana’s young fast-rising Ghanaian gospel artiste, E-Rock.

The Official Language Records presents E-Rock live in concert for the first time dubbed the “Church Dey Sweet – Episode 1” on the first day of January 2014 at the Aviation Social Centre, Accra at 3pm.

Born Enoch Ofori, “E-Rock” is a young energetic and fast-rising Ghanaian gospel singer with an Album to his credit (The Necessity Project) and has also been on same stage with the likes of Cwesi Oteng and Sinach as well as ministered in countries like South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria.

His “Church Dey Sweet” single, featuring award winning rapper Trigmatic, and produced by hit-making music producer; Genius Selection, has caught up so fast with the youth and is enjoying significant attention.

The event as well features some of the guru’s of urban and rap gospel music in Ghana such as the Bibles-Up crew; Preachers, The sensational “I God Ma Jesus On” dude; KingzKid and the “Awesome God” singer Jay Shady.

Tickets for the concert are out and selling hot for GHc 10.00 only, and for ticket delivery and reservation you can call 0543230479.

Shooting "Church Dey Sweet" video

Shooting “Church Dey Sweet” video

In a related development,  E-Rock is also set to drop his most anticipated video for the “Church Dey Sweet” banger featuring Trigmatic.

After about 3 months (because of a few issues along the line) the trailer was finally released on the 18th December 2013 and according to  E-Rock, final work or full video will be released on the 1st of January 2014 too.

Having released the “Church Dey Sweet” track earlier this year, the track became viral with great airplay.  As good a dancer he is himself, it was not surprising in an interview with him,  E-Rock said fans should expect dance, excitement about Jesus and gospel swag from the video.

The video shot by Prince Dovlo montage, is said to be the first of its kind with good photography and lots of choreography and swag.

EXTRA’s Corner:

Check out the trailer of “Church Dey Sweet” video below:

By: Julius Ofori Boadu (JOB)
Twitter: CwesiOfori

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[NEWS Update] Fan throws Cwesi Oteng and Team in Dilemma; with video leak

Cwesi_Oteng_pixA fan of Ghana’s gospel music icon Cwesi Oteng who obviously was so excited to have had the opportunity of listening to Cwesi’s yet to be released and highly anticipated single, ‘Miracle Worker’, has leaked the single on youtube via recorded video. The video shows the gospel artiste singing the song at his church, West Airport branch of the Lighthouse Chapel International and being filmed by the excited fan.

The video has gone viral on whatsapp and though generating buzz for the artiste on other social media platforms, might have not gone according the plans of his management and record label. According a source close to Cwesi, the ‘God Dey Bless Me’ and ‘I Win’ hits singer was led to sing the song and as well test audience response from his church folks, something he usually does when about releasing a song. The new song, likely to be  titled, ‘Miracle Worker’ or ‘Miracle Pill’, until being leaked was intended to be on Cwesi’s upcoming album slated for release in 2014; the same album that will contain his 2013 released singles, ‘I Win’ and ‘Count Your Blessings’.

It is not clear whether the Africa Gospel Music Awards’ 2013 West African Artiste of the Year, Cwesi Oteng and his BBnZ Live label will now release the official song before the year ends now that fans have clue about how the highly anticipated single sounds like or stick to the original plan of releasing the song in January 2014 as the third prelude single to the upcoming album, the source revealed.

In a related development, BBnZ Live is rumoured planning to release Cwesi Oteng’s mega video for his hit single, ‘Count Your Blessings‘. Cwesi Oteng’s ‘Count Your Blessings’ video is directed by BBnZ Live’s seemingly in-house video director, Pascal Aka.

EXTRA’s Corner:

Check out the leaked video of the unreleased song below:


#MiracleWorker #CwesiOteng.

By: Julius Ofori Boadu (JOB)
Twitter: CwesiOfori

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dannyIt’s Christmas again and one concert that comes to mind is ‘Christmas with Danny Nettey & Friends’ concert. The concert is always among the most anticipated concerts every year as it features the finest line up of gospel music ministers and instrumentalists and characterized by a soothing atmosphere of praise and worship, pulsating live music and intimate moments of inspiration.

Beverage company, Coca Cola is the headline sponsor for this year’s concert and it promises to be a grand one according to organizers, IAT Music. ‘Preparations have heightened now and all is on course for a memorable night on Christmas day. I believe this year’s concert will be the best yet because the organizing team has put in a lot of effort and the artistes on the bill are feverishly preparing to serenade our born savior with great music and worship,” Faisal, a member of the organizing team revealed.

This year’s edition according to the host, Ghana’s contemporary gospel music maestro,Minister Danny Nettey, will as usual be on Christmas day (25th December) at La Palm Royal Beach Hotel. However, just like last year’s edition, the concert will be held on La Palm’s spacious lawn to accommodate more patrons. The concert theme is ‘He Reigns’ and artistes on the bill with Minister Danny Nettey are: NII OKAI, Pastor Helen YawsonCwesi Oteng and Kofi Dua Anto (KODA).

Tickets for the concert are out and selling hot for GHc 40.00 (standard) and GHc 65(VIP)  at Silverbird Lifestyle Store (Accra Mall), Sunny FM, Baatsona Total and La Palm Royal Beach Hotel. Sponsorrs for the concert include Coca Cola, CCML, CIC, Yetron Services and Riversyl. The concert starts at 6:30pm prompt and is produced by IAT Music.


Story by: Paul Azumah-Ayitey

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